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During the school and childcare closers to help battel covid-19 virus spreading we aim to post schedules suggestions, tail sheets, activities and links to online content, mail resources (as in real post) and loads of learning opportunities over the coming days/weeks to keep those little minds active and developing through the children’s time at home.

We are slow to start, as you can imagine the gear shift to do our physical jobs to the virtual takes a while to set up and we have been busy answering phone calls and emails in this time of uncertainly but we are doing as best we can to put some content together for our clients and little munchkins that we miss so much, we promise to get better.

We will work out an agenda and update you all as regularly as we are able, we cater for many children at Little Munchkin Patch from ten months to ten years so please bear with us as some of the content may not always be applicable to your child.

We would much prefer to see you all in the flesh but we are working on ways we might be able to share videos and communicate with munchkins to keep our bond and relationships going as best we can during this crisis. We hope that, now more than ever, we can stick together as a community and keep each other going and support wherever we can.

We will be posting updates on a new page on our website. click here to view.
and updating on our social media platforms too so do please look out for fresh posts

Stay safe

Tom and Janine

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