Super Sydney

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Super Sydney

Super Sydney and his Amazing Pals

For many epilepsy is a very real every day worry and a constant concern for family and friends. Talking from personal experience both professional and personal it is imperative to be prepared at all times and all eventualities as an adult in order to best assist an seizure physically and medically. However it’s also important to prepare and inform children of epilepsy too.
Seizures can be frightening for children to watch happen, and we think it’s right to prepare not just family and close friends for seizures occurring but all children benefit from being aware of epilepsy and a basic procedure of what needs to be done during an epileptic seizure.

This wonderful book Super Sydney and his Amazing Pals written by one of our munchkin’s parents Camilla Reid, is a fantastic way to introduce seizures and epilepsy to a young audience in a age appropriate way.

Today’s date marks three years since we said goodbye to our superhero Freddie; Tom’s nephew, who sadly lost the fight against epilepsy after his first birthday. Freddie’s form of epilepsy was called Dravet Syndrome which is unfortunately a life limiting form of epilepsy.
We miss Freddie every day and we are so sad even to think about his loss. However, before Freddie passed his seizures taught us how important it is to be prepared and how necessary it is to grow awareness of epilepsy and seizures from an early age.

Freddie this post is for you, you are always in our hearts.?