Our Ofsted Reports

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Our Ofsted Reports


Our munchkins excitedly shout ‘I did it!’ when they achieve their goals and it’s the best feeling! Today we can officially do the same and shout it loud for all to hear! ‘We did it! We are outstanding!’
We are happy and so beyond proud of what we’ve achieved as a setting, especially over the past two COVID-years! What a mountain it was to climb, but goodness, the view is sweet!
In the nine years we have been open, this was our third graded inspection with our last one 6 years ago. Since, Ofsted’s  framework for inspections has changed resulting in an outstanding judgement now being very rarely offered and therefore this judgement puts us in a unique group at the top of our field.
Being judged outstanding by Ofsted means so much more than just a grade! We feel seen, recognised and rewarded for all we do for our wonderful munchkins and families we work with each day!
On the day we just got on with it and did what we do each day! 7 long hours later our inspector cried happy tears as she gave us our judgements. Definitely a first! Our final Ofsted reports are now published and we can officially call ourselves OUTSTANDING! We think our reports sum up exactly what we set out to achieve when we first started Little Munchkin Patch and shows what we are all about! Click the links below to read them!

Little Munchkin Patch is regulated and inspected by Ofsted and we ensure that we are fully in accordance with the Welfare Standards in all practices and procedures.
Please read our Ofsted reports here, alternatively read our reports on our Ofsted page

Thomas Jacob Edwin Dobinson
Click here to view Tom’s report
Click here to visit Tom’s Ofsted page

Janine Haenel
Click here to view Janine’s report
Click here to visit Janine’s Ofsted page