Settling in Period

WEBPICS20The transition from home to day care setting, saying good bye to parents or another trusted carer means change for all children. It’s not always easy and can sometimes cause emotional stress. Having experienced this with our own children we know what it feels like, not only for parents but the children too.
Once the contract is in place, we recommend for children to come and join us for two free settling in hours to get to know us and our home better. Once children start attending we encourage parents to bring along family pictures or a favourite comforter or a toy we will use to help ease the settling in period, making the transition as easy and stress free for children. In addition, with prior agreement from parents, we will share photos of children to show them their children are safe and happy in their new environment.

in partnership with parents Parents are children’s first educators! We support and assist parents to ensure that they are provided with every opportunity to participate in all aspects of their child’s childcare journey here. We want parents to trust us and have confidence in what we do. We want them to be happy and ultimately feel in no doubt that leaving their children with us is the right thing to do!

This partnership with parents is of upmost importance for enhancing children’s development and learning in the setting and at home. It sets a positive example for children and makes the transition from home to the setting easier and consistent. We pride ourselves on building healthy partnerships with parents and making them feel welcome and valued right from the very start by providing a warm and friendly atmosphere where all families are important.

Two-way communication is key! We encourage all feedback and promote openness & honesty. We are available every day to give feedback about a child’s day and development either in person, via phone or video call. We regularly share photos/videos of children and their learning successes via individual family WhatsApp messages and have strategies in place that document children’s progress. We welcome parents sharing observations with us from home. This two way communication is fundamental in extending children’s play, learning & progress and ultimately makes for happy children that love to play and learn.