Jenny and Sam McLaughlin

By Tom Dobinson on November 1, 2022 in with No Comments

Jenny and Sam McLaughlin

Our Son has been with Janine and Tom since the beginning of August, and from first contact to initial meeting, we knew both would care for our son the way we do. It was especially important as we knew our boy would be in their care, 4 days a week and it was important to us to have a happy, fun, family orientated environment for him to grow and develop.

The daily observations we receive are incredible, as they show us that our son is having a great varied healthy diet and the naps he needs are met, be it 2 or 3, its never a problem. We are impressed with the range of activities they have for him on a daily basis, from splashing in water during the heatwave to cool down, walks in the buggy to pick fruit or see the animals, trips to the park and especially preparing a basket of specific toys when he saw how much he loved banging toys together. Recently we have appreciated both Janine and Toms support on assisting Ross to meet a developmental leap in crawling, by having different daily activities to encourage his strength in both arms and core, and already at this early stage we can see he is growing and developing with their kind, supportive and encouraging nature, which is wonderful to see.

Our son is a happy chap at drop off and at collection, we know he has a fun filled day with Janine and Tom and the other kids. I can only say a massive thank you to them both for making my transition back to work easier knowing Ross is so happy in their care.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other parents.