Trail sheet resources

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Trail sheet resources

Trail sheet resources

We have created some trail sheets for the munchkins to stay learning at home. Just because all munchkins can currently only go out for one walk daily doesn’t mean they can’t be engaged and learning has to  stop. Oh no! You might need to get creative for other times throughout the day, so for example, we have a trail sheet on animals; we don’t think the children we be visiting petting zoos right now but they can explore their books and/or toys and find as many animals on the trail sheet as they can. Go on an animal hunt in the house or garden!
We have made trail sheets for use in the garden, in the car, at the shops. But you could also use them while in bedrooms, reading books, watching films, singing songs and mealtimes. They are a great way to create learning content and spark other interests and conversations no matter what you are doing!

We also know that only one walk a day is important for both children and parents, but little ones can find walking tough going and a little dull. So do please use the trail sheets to keep those little minds engaged and learning. It also helps to motivate little legs to walk around that next corner to see what might be found. At Little Munchkin Patch we use trail sheets with a clip board and marker pen to circle the things we have seen but you could easily download and view the PDFs on a tablet or smart phone device (additionally you could screen grab the image and/or use an edit tool to circle items) so no need to print. You can further learning by discussing how many you have seen of each item, talk about different colours, shapes, talk about/ write the letters (sometimes just the first letter of the word) don’t forget to sound out the letter phonetically (the way a letter sounds, not the alphabetic sound, as this will link to how our children are currently taught phonics at school).

Let us know how you get on, please leave comments and requests if you have any!


Click on the large buttons below to download
Walking trail sheet 1

Walking trail sheet 2

Bug trail sheet

Buildings trail sheet

Canal walk trail sheet

Clothes trail sheet

Farm or Garden trail sheet

Garden trail sheet

Leaves trail sheet

Letters trail sheet

Numbers trail sheet

People/Professions trail sheet

Shapes trail sheet

Fruit and Veg trail sheet

Toy trail sheet

Town or City trail sheet

Tree trail sheet

Vehicle trail sheet #1

Vehicle trail sheet #2

Welly walk trail sheet