January Planning 20

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January Planning 20

January Planning

A Winter theme offers many opportunities to learn maths and science concepts. Snow days this year are probably going to be a novelty for us all but should they happen we are all going to be very excited!

We will observe and investigate winter weather, snow, ice, temperature and explore hibernation and where animals go during the winter months. As ever we will be learning through play with resources such as literacy during circle & story time, walks, arts & crafts activities and science & maths projects.

As early years educators, we have a great opportunity and responsibility to work with you to help all children to learn about nutrition and making healthy food choices. It is our hope that we can help all munchkins become aware of healthy food choices that will encourage them to become healthy adults. Our Healthy Eating theme throughout January is filled with play ideas for all areas of learning and includes activities for nutrition and the different food groups such as preparing snack times and baking. 

Resources to support learning at home for the month are:

Literacy resource of the month:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Our songs of the month are:
Hibernation Song
(to tune of wheels on the bus)
The weather’s getting cold so bundle up,
bundle up, bundle up
The weather’s getting cold so bundle up,
winter’s coming soon.
The bears in the cave sleep all the time…………
The squirrels in the trees get lots of nuts……………
The frogs and toads go deep in mud…….
The ducks and the geese go flying south……..
The people in the town wear hats and gloves……….

One Potato, Two Potato – Song
One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four.
Five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes more!
Change the food based on your munchkin’s favourites.
Encourage them to hold up the number of fingers as they sing this!