September Planning 18

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September Planning 18

September Planning

Our themes for this month are All About Me and Opposites. With the start of the new academic year and as our new munchkin is settling in we will be focusing on offering our munchkins play activities to find out about themselves and each other & the things they like. It is also a topic designed to help children realise that each child is unique.
Please can you each bring with you an updated family picture that we may use as resource for conversational topics during our circle time and as part of the children’s writing journals.
Somethings opposite is an elementary concept, yet tricky to grasp for the first time. We will be exploring the idea in everyday objects and focused play activities such as emotions, words, colour, shapes, sounds and moving.

Resources to support learning at home for the months are:

Book of the month:
“Flip Flap body book” by Usbourne Books
“Me…” by Emma Dodd

Song of the month:
“I Am Special” (Tune: Frere Jacques)
I am special, I am special (point to self)
If you look, you will see
Someone very special, someone very special,
It is me, it is me!! (Point to self)
Look who’s special. Look who’s special.
Is it her, you, or me?
No, it’s all of us, you see!
We’re all so special as can be!