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By little munchkin patch on October 3, 2016 in News with No Comments

email-design_55277Town traffic

From the 9th October to the 30th October Market Street in Bradford on Avon is closed to vehicles making it that much longer for all traffic to move about the town.
We know that the traffic can cause delays so this is a polite reminder that parents may need to start out a little earlier during these weeks to arrive at scheduled pickups and drops offs on time. However, the good news is that school half term is from 24th October. Meaning that traffic should ease in the final week and for some not have to make the journey at all. We have also been discussing with some parents alternative ways to get to us during this disruption. One parent has suggested parking at home and then cycling to us. Another suggestion would be to park cars at Newtown or Belcombe Road walking along the foot paths over the train tracks through the park and playing field to us. (Map available below for those who may not know these routes) On the way you could pick up conkers, visit the play park and feed the ducks with your little munchkin. Google maps indicates this is an eight minute one way walk, but we know we would rather trample in the autumnal leaves with our little munchkins than sit in traffic given the choice. We will also be giving rewards to the munchkins that can find the biggest leaf, conker and /or feather at the end of October so start hunting…


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