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March 2016 planning:
March is going to be all about Shapes & Colours! Learning shapes and colours may well be a young child’s first educational endeavour. Although recognizing objects as red or blue, round or square might seem like child’s play, it’s actually integral to a young child’s cognitive development and sets the stage for early maths concepts such as sorting, pattering to geometry and beyond! The best way to teach your munchkins shapes and colours is by using the environment around us: adding colour words when describing what we see, finding colourful fruits, colour & shape books, puzzles, finger painting, colour of the day treasure baskets, mixing colour science activities, singing songs, shape feeling bags etc. The possibilities are endless and even everyday care routines will lend themselves to discovering new shapes and new colours! If you have any books/puzzle or appropriate toys that you would like to share please feel free to bring them in for circle time. Thank you!

Resources to support learning at home for the months are:

Book of the month:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle Die Formen by Xavier Deneux

Song of the month:
The Colour Song (Sung to the tune of the ABC song)
Red and orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple, too.
All the colours that we know, live inside a rainbow.
Red and orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple, too.